Saturday, January 18, 2014

How to make cup of instant coffee.

Warning. Coffee is a stimulant, drinking too much coffee can lead to difficulties sleeping, short temper and other mood swings. Drinking coffee does not make person an asshole, that is a previously acquired condition.

Items needed: Boiled water, jar or pack instant coffee powder or granules, container, spoon, mixing utensil and a cup.
Optional items: Milk, Sugar, Syrup.

1. Follow my earlier tutorial on how to boil water ( to get boiled water in a container. (It has been brought to my attention that modern technology has brought us a thing called Electric Kettle which can also be used to make boiled water. Feel free to use that method if desired. If needed I can write instructions on how to use Electric Kettle)

2. Pour the boiled water into the cup until it is about 3/4 full (or 1/4 empty if you prefer that type of measurements).

3. Open the instant coffee powder/granules jar and use the spoon to measure quantity of powder/granules into the cup. The instant coffee powder/granules jar should have recommendations of base mixture on the label. If the jar has no recommendations of base mixture, put in one spoonful of instant coffee powder/granules in to the cup, follow step number 4 and taste the results. If you find the results taste weak add half a spoonful of instant coffee powder/granules to the cup, follow step number 4 and taste the results. Repeat until you are satisfied with the taste. Please write the number of spoonfuls you have used to reach satisfying taste on the outside of the instant coffee powder/granules jar for later use.
If your instant coffee powder/granules come from a pack, you usually use one pack per cup. Please read the instructions on the pack to make sure that that is correct.
Feel free to vary the mixture to suit your taste.

4. Using the mixing utensils, stir the boiled water in the cup so the coffee powder mixes with the water. The spoon can be used for that operation.

5. Add Milk, Sugar and/or other optional items to the cup until the instant coffee in the cup suit your taste.

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