Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to make boiling water.

Warning: Boiling water is highly technical process that should only be attempted by specially trained adults, for example your wife (or your mom if you don't have a wife). Boiling water is hot and can cause severe burns and can even be fatal if inhaled. Do not drink boiling water. Also make sure you follow all ESD precautions (aren't you proud Jos?).

To make boiling water you need a powerful source of radiating thermal energy (heat) for example a stove or a big fire (but do not set the stove (or the house, the wife or anything else "valuable" on fire). You also need a container that is water and heat proof (a metal pot without an hole in the bottom is an excellent choice). Last, but not least, you'll need water.

1. Put water into container and make sure that it does not leak out again.
2. Put the container on or close to the heat source.
3. Make sure that the heat source is radiating thermal energy (in other word turn the stove on or light the fire).
4. Watch the water for signs of boiling (this may take some time). First sign of approaching boiling water is a steam that rises from the surface of the water. Second sign is small air bubbles in the water in the part of the waterproof container that is closest to the radiating thermal energy source. The goal of boiling water is reached if large air bubbles burst continuously to the surface of the water.
5. Now you have boiling water. What you do with it is only limited by your imagination. You could make coffee, tea, soup or almost any kind of meal that does not have the words "grilled" or "fried" in it.

Please note the difference between "boiling water" and "boiled water". Boiled water is water that was turned into a boiling water but is not boiling anymore due to proportional reduction or disappearance of radiating thermal energy source.

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