Saturday, April 14, 2012

Computer monitors.

Current generation of computer monitors are useless as computer monitors. Well, unless you only use your computer to watch movies but I use my TV for that purpose. The newer monitors are in proportions of 16:10 instead of the older more square proportions of 4:3. If you use your computer to work on, the new monitors are too low and too wide. They are so low that the toolbars on the top and status bars on the bottom take up large portion of the screen. If you're writing a document in Word, the monitors are so wide that a large portion of the monitor on each side of the document is empty. I calculate that just under half the monitor is used for nothing. I have been trying to find a new high quality computer monitor in the old proportions of 4:3 but I'm having no luck.

Italian drivers

Italian drivers are a special breed. If you can drive there, you can drive anywhere,,, with the possible exception of India. In Italy they don't follow the lines on the road. They don't look at the markings as some boundaries they need to follow. The Italian drivers don't even look at the markings as guidelines. They simply look at lane-markers and road signs as road decorations, there only for the simple purpose of breaking up the monotony of the road and confuse foreigners.
For Italian drivers the purpose of 2 clearly marked lanes on the roads surface is to have 3 rows of cars in those 2 lanes, and scooters weaving in and out of the rows. The purpose of 3 clearly marked lanes on the roads surface is to have 2 rows of cars in those 3 lanes, and of course 2 lines of cars parked in the outside of the outside lanes. Of course they also have scooters weaving in and out of the 2 rows of cars.