Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Living in fear.

When did we all start living in fear. There are number of comments on posts on the web now where people are saying that they spend lot of money on security systems so that their apartment will not be broken into. They are ready to spend the income from whole day at work, almost 5% of their income, on security system but they are not ready to spend 8 hours a month doing neighborhood watch. I've even seen an article that women drivers should get special parking lots, right next to the handicapped parking, in parking buildings. Not because women are bad drivers, but because women have been attacked and raped in parking buildings.
There will always be crime, break ins and rape (don't forget that men are sometimes raped too). The only time and place you can be save from break ins and rape is when you're living alone in a bunker with door made of couple of tons of steel and concrete and there is no key to that door. There, on the other hand, you can worry about germs coming to kill you.
The thing is not to live in fear. Enjoy live. Conquer your fears. Don't let security peddlers play with you. Security system is not likely to prevent break ins. It attracts thieves because it announces to them that there is something valuable inside. Own stuff that will not cost you much to replace, that will discourage thieves. Give freely to the needy, so they will feel less need to steal. If you want to fight crime don't buy security system, join (or organize) a neighborhood watch program. There are 3 types of crimes. Money (including thefts and drugs), vandalism (including graffiti) and passion (including wife beating and rape). Good neighborhood watch reduces the first 2. Common sense reduces the third one. If your mate beats you don't forgive, tell him/her to leave, then tell the neighborhood watch to watch out for the person.

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