Friday, February 17, 2012

Theft protection.

I find it alarming how people are ready to spend lots of money on theft protections, and how frightened people are in their lives.
I hardly keep anything in my house that is worth stealing, I try to wear things out before I replace them. My TV cost less than 400€ more than a year ago. Although the picture quality is fine it does not have 3D so savvy burglar would hardly bother with it. My laptop is over 5 years old, I'd be glad for an excuse to replace it. If it was stolen the biggest loss would be the information on it, but the important stuff is backed up. My Ipod was bought on sale when a new generation came out. I don't even insure my stuff, saving me enough money to buy replacement items should the need arise.
Think about it this way. If the whole family goes together on a vacation, leaving the home easy target for thiefs, then what you value most is with you on the vacation. The rest is just easily replaceable stuff.
Considering how people often express the thought that it isn't the things that are stolen, but the invasion of (and damage to) their homes that they are afraid of. I find it strange that the neighbourhood watches are so difficult to maintain.

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