Sunday, February 12, 2012

Adele and music theft

The music industry has been in decline for the last 10-15 years or so. Sales have been going down and the the big recording companies in the music industry have been blaming illegal downloads (downloads of copyrighted material). Interestingly enough, this decline has been in sync with more and more "manufactured bands" from the big recording companies. Bands where they got someone with a pretty face, or faces, to front the "band" and playing songs written by others. This decline has also synced with lot of other stuff competing for young peoples money. It's enough to mention GSM phones, texting and computer games, to give people idea of what I'm talking about. That stuff costs money and the young people simply can't buy everything they want, something has to remain unbought.
Where does Adele come into it? Well, here we have young woman, only 19 when she started recording her first album, who writes and sings her own songs. She sounds different from the "manufactured bands", she looks different from the "manufactured bands" (more girl next door than glamorous model) and her records sell by the truckloads.
Maybe the big recording companies have it wrong. Maybe music sales have declined, not because of downloads, but because of lack of quality and lack of talents.

Adeles information on Wikipedia

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